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The scope of validity of this statement shall include all data stored on all servers necessary for the application of this website and all content comprised of such data.

Disclaimer of liability for information posted on this site

The East Japan Railway Foundation for Cultural Innovations (hereinafter referred to as "the Foundation") takes all due care when posting information on the website "www.jreast-ci.or.jp" (hereinafter referred to as "the Site"). However, no guarantee is made as to the completeness, accuracy, usefulness, and safety, etc. of this information. The Foundation assumes no responsibility for any consequences that may result from decisions made or actions taken by users based on the information provided.

Please note that the information on this website only covers part of the Foundation's business activities and does not cover the entirety of these activities. Though the information on this site is current as of the date of posting, the names and contents may be changed or deleted without prior notice after posting and the information may become outdated over time.

Furthermore, the address of this site, including the top page, may be subject to change without prior notice. The Foundation assumes no responsibility for any effects (broken links or other display problems, etc.) that may occur as a result of changes to the address of this site.

This statement is effective as of 00:00, June 1, 2022, Japan Standard Time.

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The copyright for the contents of the Site is owned in principle by the Foundation. The use of any and all photographs, company logos, images, text, and other data on this site, included reproduction, diversion, reprinting, electromagnetic processing, transmission, distribution, secondary use, and any other similar activities, is strictly prohibited.

Linking to this site

No special procedures are required to link to this site. However, as a general rule, please link to the following top page.

Top page: https://www.jreast-ci.or.jp/

In addition, we do not allow links which display this site within frames on the linking site, as this may mislead users as to the source of the information. Please adjust your settings to ensure this site will open in a separate window.

Links from the following types of website are strictly prohibited.

Websites that include content designed to defame or discredit the Foundation, other companies, or third parties.

Websites created with the intent to infringe on the copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights of the Foundation, other companies, or third parties.

Websites that are intended to conduct commercial activities using links to this site (e.g., providing information on this site for a fee).

Please note that as a general rule we do not accept requests for links from this site.


The Foundation shall not be liable for any damage or disadvantage arising out of or in connection with the use of this website, including software or hardware trouble, contamination by computer viruses, loss of or damage to data, or any other damage or disadvantage arising from trouble between users of this website or between users and third parties.

The Foundation shall not be liable for any failure to receive e-mails, requests for information, etc. from customers due to Internet malfunctions or accidents, etc.

The Foundation reserves the right to add, change, or delete information, service content, URLs, etc. from this website without prior notice to customers.

The Foundation may suspend or discontinue all or part of this website without prior notice due to system failure caused by fire, power outages, earthquakes, other natural disasters, or other reasons of system maintenance. The Foundation shall not be liable for any damages incurred by customers as a result of such suspension or discontinuation.

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